The UK's Number 1 Dog Activity Tracker

PitPat doesn’t just sense how much or how hard your dog is moving. It also recognises what kind of activity is happening. That’s important, because some kinds of activity (walking, running and playing) are much more effective as exercise than others (pottering and resting).

PitPat recognises walking or running – and distinguishes between them – by sensing the natural “gait” motion of your dog. If your dog constantly swaps from walking to running, stopping, starting and changing direction, PitPat recognises that as playing. If your dog is moving about, but only gently, that’s pottering. Everything else is resting!

This activity tracker sits quietly on your dog’s collar, where its three-axis accelerometer captures and records your all your dog’s movements, 24×7. They also estimate daily distance covered and calories burnt.

Your PitPat can store up to 10 days-worth of your dog’s activity. Every time you press the orange “fetch data” button, all this information is sent via Bluetooth up to the FREE PitPat app for permanent storage, and for you to see and interact with.

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