Dog in Nature

The Nose Knows!

Dogs have a highly sensitive nose, vastly superior to our own. Scentwork is a natural behaviour for a dog and essential in hunting and finding prey. This behaviour has been put to many uses – for example in search and rescue, police work, hunting and as a sport. 

As a training activity, scentwork is fun, very rewarding and at the same time mentally tiring for your dog. It will improve the relationship between you and your dog and is a great confidence builder especially for the shy dog.

German Shepherd

1-2-1 Sessions

This is a great option for reactive dogs or who are too distracted by other and a great way to boost your dog's confidence

Held in a woodland in South Cheriton on Mondays

Each session is an hour long and £22. 

Discounts are available for multiple bookings


Woodland Group Course

Come and learn the basics of scenting in a secured woodland area in South Cheriton 

We will be working on your dog's skills to indicate and find a certain scent both hidden high and low in a small group of four dogs. 

This course is held on Monday evenings for a hour and a half for four sessions - held fortnightly. 

Cost is £60


Scentwork UK Workshops

Held by a Scentwork UK recognised trainer in Trent Memorial Hall one Sunday every month.

Join us just for fun or to prepare for national trails.

We will be working on indicating on the scent of cloves (L1) and developing the following skills:

  • Box & Bag Search 

  • External Vehicle Search

  • Table & Chairs Search

  • Exterior Object Search

These workshops are two hours long and include tea & coffee! Each session is £25, but discounts are available for multiple bookings. ​

" We started K-9 scent training with Raychel around a year after adopting our lorge and "spirited" Romanian Rescue, Lily, as we felt that giving her a job to do might help with her reactivity. Raychel has been absolutely brilliant with Lily from the start, helping us with both positive reward tips and scent training. Lily is completely besotted with her too and is already much more confident and engaging with us when outside. 

We've still got a long road with Lily's training but would like to say a big thank you to Raychel for always remaining supportive, cool, collected and patient no matter the situation. We look forward to our Monday afternoon sessions every other week. 


Would 100% recommend booking a session with Raychel to anyone who is looking for behaviour or scent training advice. "