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Animal Behaviourist Raychel Hill offers three different ‘behavioural consultation packages.’  All packages includes an initial phone-call to offer immediate advice, a 2-3 hour consultation at your home or online, a written report with treatment plan, either one (bronze), three (silver) or five (gold) 1.5 hour follow up visits and 12 months support by email.  


The consultation is held at your home environment and the follow up visit will be held at either your home, local area, or a secure field (for dog-dog aggression cases).  Follow up support is a very important part of your dog’s rehabilitation and as such Raychel has redesigned her services to encourage owners to make use of this additional support.  If you need additional follow up visits these may be booked individually or in a package of 3 visits for a 20% discount.  


As a provisional member of the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors (APBC), Raychel’s consultations require a veterinary referral to ensure there are no underlying medical conditions which may be affecting your dog’s behaviour.  The referral letter will be sent to you before your consultation.

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The consultation begins with a look into your dog’s background, where it was bred, how it settled in with you initially and what behavioural or training issues have emerged. Based on this information and assessment of your dog’s behaviour, you will be given a thorough breakdown of the reasons behind the issues you are having with your dog. It is important to understand the reasons behind your dog’s behaviour so that you may effectively proceed with the correct techniques to help your dog

A comprehensive treatment plan will then be discussed and the relevant training methods demonstrated. This will provide you with all the information and behavioural modification techniques necessary to begin your dog’s rehabilitation. Raychel’s techniques are all reward-based and Raychel is up to date with the latest scientific findings regarding canine behaviour.  A written report detailing all that is covered in the consultation will be sent to you within 7 working days..


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As a veterinary referral will be required please download the form below and give to your vet. Your vet can also email us.